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Virlal Video Thurday | Firefox Encounters Problems With Windows


Good thing windows didn’t crash. Firefox was looking pretty hungry.

5 Mistakes That Ruined Your Facebook Fanpage

brand-you-social-media-marketing-top-5-mistakes We’ve seen many brands make distinct moves to implement Facebook into their marketing strategies. Why? Because it’s the most visited, and used site in the U.S, not to mention a slew of other countries. To many Facebook has become synonymous to the internet, and brands are catching on to that. The fact that a growing number of brands are even considering new media is exciting, because we’re experiencing a historical shift in communication between businesses and consumers. However, many brands are finding it difficult to implement Facebook into their marketing plan. You can jump on Facebook right now, and find more then your share of failed attempts, brands who broke cardinal rules of communicating effectively in this space. If you’re wondering where your Facebook page went wrong, is it possible you’re doing something on this list?

Here’s The Top 5 Mistakes That Ruined Your Fanpage

  1. Your strategy for Facebook is “Get on Facebook”: Being on Facebook is not a strategy, it is a tactic. It’s your reaction to the change in the marketplace and how you’re customers are now shopping. A strategy is your long term plan on how you will perform on Facebook, and making sure they align with your goals. 2. You use it only for advertising deals: It’s a one way street, and there’s you, with a megaphone screaming at the end of it “20% off this weekend!” Yes, this can work depending on the audience, but if you’ve been posting these blast messages for weeks and getting no response, it’s most likely because it’s not the way your audience shops for your products or services. 3. You fail to engage…every time: Someone writes a comment or question on your wall and it goes unanswered for days. The next post you see on top of a customers complaint is a post for another deal you’re offering. (Teeth Grind) 4. You bought non-targeted fans: You were clever enough to buy fans to establish social proof on your Facebook page, but you immediately counteracted that intelligence by forgetting to implement a strategy to gain targeted fans that would actually buy your products/services. 5. Your brand is generic: Like all the other companies in your industry you do nothing to stand out. What can you offer your Facebook community that competitors aren’t? It all leads back to your USP (unique selling proposition). Here’s another article that you can weigh our article against Top 5 Facebook Mistakes. Also be sure to read 5 Components of Successful Facebook Marketing.

Industry Leader Limelight | Veterinarian Blog: Paw Curious


5 Things We Loved About Paw Curious

  A fun fact about professionals in the social media marketing industry: we focus more on the brands that fail at communicating using social media, and not enough on the one’s getting it right. At Brand You Social, we like to explore the countless industry professionals who are creating immense value through sharing their passion on Social Media. Note: We’re not against constructive bashing, we’re just not feeling it today. Paw Curious is a veterinarian run blog site created by, Dr.Jessica Vogelsang, a.k.a Dr.V, who’s an outgoing veterinarian in La Mesa, California. Her blog entertains and educates pet lovers on best practices that promote healthy lifestyles for pets and their caretakers. One of the philosophies that transpires throughout the blog is, “Great pet owners, have great pets”. You won’t read that anywhere on the blog – you just feel it.

So Here’s Our Top 5 List

1) Great Blog Design: Nothing say’s I care more then a custom designed blog. It’s also one of the most important steps in creating a comfortable environment for your readers. From the moment we arrived at the Home page, we were convinced this blog would not disappoint. pawcurious-social-media-blog 2) Great Link Structure: This is in accordance to rule#1: Know thy audience. If you know why you’re audience is visiting your blog, let your links speak to them.  pawcurious-linkexamples-brand-you-social-media 3) Adding Value To Industry: Don’t just elevate yourself educate, and enhance your peers. Here’s a great presentation educating Veterinarians on how to use blogging to enhance their practices. 4) Adding Value To Audience: Ask Dr.V is a great series on Petpaws Youtube channel. It’s a basic Q/A Vlog, but it’s doing an amazing job building credibility and trust for the Petpaws brand. 5) Connecting to a greater cause: Highlighted in their “Be the change” section are stories of animal care hero’s, and missions that expand beyond their Veterinarian practice. Couldn’t think of a better way way to connect your readers to your brands humane side, and earn additional support for your causes. pawcurious-bethechange-brand-you-social-media

Do you know an Industry Leader who’s rocking it on social media? Leave us a comment, and we might highlight them on our next Limelight session.

Marketing Blog Highlights | Monday Social Media Report


Monday’s Social Media Report

  Here’s where we highlight our favorite social media blog posts of last week. While some marketing blogs give you 10-20 article highlights, we only showcase two. We earnestly believe you have better things to do with your time then read directories of blog posts. So if you missed everything else don’t worry, as long as you don’t miss out on these.

1) Why ‘Community’ is NOT the Holy Grail of Blogging and Online Success "social-media-marketing-the-sales-lion"Marcus Sheridan authored this eye opening article. If you want an inside look into the failed logic bloggers use to scale success, read this post and find out what all the fuss is about.

2) R.I.P Personal Branding "social-media-services-the-brand-builder"Olivier Blanchard authored this piece. If you’re working on building a brand around yourself, or contemplating starting one, this is a must read.

Celebs on Social Media Take a Closer Look!

social media celebs

Heidi and Spencer fighting on Twitter

  If anything, celebrities are the true champions of using social media to drive commerce. If average Joe and Sally are using social media to promote products, make sales and connect globally with consumers, imagine what Justin Bieber can do with a few million irrational fans. It’s fair to say, most celebrities are using social media to drive sales for their products, and no one’s blaming them. Using two of the most popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, they’re racking in sales on albums, and DVD releases. With one tweet, a million irrational fans, turn-over a small fortune. Lady Gaga last time we checked was still the queen in the social media arena, churning millions in revenue from Twitter.

Britney Spears on Facebook from webpronews.com

  Remember so an so, from that show you used to watch? No? Well they’re on Twitter now. Everyday you’ll notice borderline celebrities popping up on different social networks, an obvious attempt to extend their 15 minutes of fame, but who cares, obvious or not, its’ proven quite successful for more then a handful of forgotten B-listers. Heidi and Spencer of MTV’s The Hills rose to fame in 2006. When their fame deteriorated after the show, they began using Twitter, in hopes of re-gaining another 15 minutes. In 2010, the once-thought to be divorcing couple brought their fights to the social arena, resulting in newspapers and magazines igniting the once put out flame of their celebrity status.

Ian Somerhalder Tweets for a Cause

Last but not least, we’d like to mention the most notable way celebs are using  social media, and a large number of them commit to humane activities; teaming up with charities and social causes. Celebrities like Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Oprah Winfrey spend an incredible amount of time working and supporting charities and other fund-raising causes. Ian Somerhalder, who is a prominent user of Twitter and known-environmentalist, tweets about his charities to help draw in support from his fans. Could this inside look have gone any further?….. Probably, we’d even go as far as to say most likely, but you’re out of luck, because this is as far as we’re taking it.