top ten things that kill your linkedin profile If you plan on using Linkedin to expand your professional network avoid these top 10 mistakes.

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  #10 Using a low quality & outdated image as your profile pic: It’s 2012 and even iphones are able to snap HD shots. Next time you’re at work have a colleague snap a quick photo of you, with a minimum of a 5.0 megapixel camera. Also, people don’t want to meet who you were 10 or 20 years ago, share those nostalgic photos on Facebook or Flickr. top ten things that killed your linked in profile #9 Leaving your opening summary devoid of personality: Yes, we get you know how to work and you know how to work well, but who are you? Stop leaving out the best part. This is your chance to really connect with the people who are reading your profile. #8 Forgetting that human beings read Linkedin resumes: Is your Linkedin profile a big block of mangled text? I’ve run into more then a few profiles that fit this script. Why people do this? No clue. Advice: put yourself in the position of a person reading your profile and use spaces, commas, and bullet points to make your profile legible. #7 Not having a 100% complete Linkedin profile: If you’re doing more then just networking, let’s say you’re entering the job market – employers have filters that allow them only to view candidates with 100% completed profiles. With the job market as competitive as it is, I can see no reason to disqualify yourself on something which is so easy to fix. #6 Having an extremely outdated profile: Is your last update, “Google just released a statement that their creating a social network called Google+”? Makes you seem like you’ve totally fallen off the edge, reclaim your profile and add fresh updates at least weekly. #5 Forgetting you linked your Twitter profile to your account:
@Jason_Moox I’ve got s sexy date tonight and she’s fiesty!
Be aware of how you’ve configured your profile, and only tie in a twitter account that aligns with your current profession on Linkedin. top 10 things that kill your linkedin profile #4 Forgetting to include experience that adds credibility to your profession: Show us you can actually perform the work, and you’re not just the owner of an overly impressive job title. #3 Grammatical errors: Proofread read your copy. Even after you do this a hundred times, occasionally glance over your Linkedin profile to make sure your grammar is error free. #2 Not stating what your purpose is on Linkedin: Do you want people to guess?? I can assure you attention spans have been on the decline since the advent of the internet. Tell people what you want, don’t just leave them guessing. You want a job, you want a client – say it! #1 Have ZERO recommendations: Recommendations are extremely easy to get and enhance your profile more then anything else on this list. People expect you to say good things about yourself, but when other people vouch for you that’s authentic credibility.

Did we forget anything on this list? We invite you to add in your 2 cents.

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