You’ve always wanted to learn how to use Twitter like a Public Relations pro. Here’s a guide that does the job!

"Brand You Social, South Florida Social Media"Twitter is an invaluable resource for the public relations industry. Whether your goal is to connect with reporters, improve crisis communication, find your next job, bolster professional development or offer a glimpse of a company’s inner workings -– 140 characters can go a long way. Just look at the following examples, highlighting five rich opportunities for PR pros on Twitter. Full story on Mashable

Your Facebook fan page, Fail or Success? A thorough report on how to measure fan engagement on your wall.

"brand you social, south florida social media"Are you wondering if your Facebook content is connecting with people? Building a compelling Facebook fan page is one thing. Creating consistent engagement is a whole other skill. Full story on Social Media Examiner

Playing it safe is great at sustaining brands not growing them. A heavy read, but well worth it.

"brand you social, south florida social media"Citizen Kane, Dr. Strangelove, 2010, Reservoir Dogs, Memento, Pulp Fiction, Boondock Saints, The Machinist, Kill Bill, Fight Club, 300, Eyes Wide Shut, Moon, and now Sucker Punch. What do these movies have in common? I’ll tell you: People either love them or hate them. Full story on The Brand Builder

Do you carry the heart of a true leader? A valuable post that points out a few common and not so common traits of solid leadership.

"Brand you social, south florida social media"Last night I tuned in for one of my favorite guilty pleasures — watching The Biggest Loser on NBC. The episode featured celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels being hurled off of the Auckland Sky Tower, the highest structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Full story on CopyBlogger