"Brand You Social" "Social Media Conversations"Right at the beginning of the social media craze, marketers were watching something beautiful take place right in front of their eyes, something they most likely had no cognitive ability to explain at the time, but realized was valuable.

They witnessed opportunity! In the world of selling “opportunity” is that little bit of magic that keeps prospects from slamming the door in your face, and getting the YES!, while your eyes are winced in anticipation of “No!”, or any curse word variation.

In Alterians 8th Annual Survey of marketers (7 out of 10) marketers said they had little to no understanding around the conversations surrounding their brand, and 77% felt they were not as engaged with their customers as they should be. (Read Social Media Examiner’s Take by Amy Porterfield)

If your marketing professional shoots off their mouth about SEO this, Facebook that, Twitter over here, and mentions nothing about engaging in active listening practices, there’s your big RED FLAG.

Listening is not just important, it’s the engine that keeps your Ferrari from getting cut off by a 1982 Lebaron with a missing exhaust.

Just recapping: Most of your online strategy (80%) should focus around listening, and not spewing out information.

That little bit of magic that was mentioned earlier comes in a nifty package called “conversations”. It happens when two or more people talk to each other. “Talk to each other” not to be confused with “Talk at each other”.

You want to be the strongest guy at the gym? Pick up the weight. If you thought there was another way around it, you were mistaken.

What do you think? Are you guilty of being deaf to your customers?